Our drive

Nanceo …

… ideas and individuals

We created Nanceo with two ideas in mind …

Any given lessor, regardless of how efficient, cannot entirely meet a supplier’s financing needs.

Technology is the best means to create an equipment financing marketplace and to promote a multiple lessor experience.

Since 2015, a team of about ten people has worked on the Leasa platform. We are an IT software solutions company, whose know-how is directly linked to its parent company Pharmagest, as well as leasing and finance experts.

4th largest co-operative in the world.
500 M€
12 000 +
Pharmacy shareholders
3 800 +
1 600 +
The leading French company for IT software solutions for pharmacies. It is listed on Euronext Paris Stock Exchange.
A Fintech company specialized in leasing and geared to business providers.
Projets financés
220 M€
Approved files
25 000 +
Processed invoices
38 000 +

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