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You already have financial partners?

Why choose Nanceo:

Nanceo's added value:

Business facilitator


No more extranets. Save time and access the lessor marketplace in a single click


A single tool centralizes your sales: a clear and overall vision of your financing activities.


1 lease application, 1 lease approval, 1 contract signature, 1 payment. Leasa by Nanceo: optimized portfolio management (renewals, contract terminations, calage, etc...)

Nanceo guarantees:

Business security


A proximity relationship with your financial partners, yet connectivity to multiple lessors provides independence.


Up to 9 lessors for an increased approval rate. Leasa will obtain approval from the most relevant lessor.


Your data are 100% secure and hosted on external and secure data centers. Nanceo is ISO 27001 certified.

Nanceo services:

Business support


Our sales team provides support for your business transactions.

Updatable tools

Innovation at the core: Leasa users regularly benefit from new functionalities developed by our R&D team. pensées par notre équipe R&D.

The Nanceo benefits:

Would you rather have your own captive financing program? We can create it for you!

Your customer files are hosted on a distinct legal entity separate from other platform data flows.

We place your customer files on the Leasa platform and handle ledger entries.

Preserve your capital: captive operations do not require major financial contributions.

Set your captive parameters: management fees, rate card settings, lessor requests, etc.

Don't yet offer leasing to your customers?

Discover Nanceo's leasing solutions

Enable your sales with a leasing offer.

Broaden your customer offer with a reliable financing solution.

Foster customer loyalty and facilitate equipment renewal.

Increase your sales margins.

Are you a financing company?

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Digital dynamics

Modernize your acquisition platform: Leasa adapts to your environment; you benefit from a latest generation software solution.

New services

Don’t pass up sales opportunities: submit your applications on Leasa and the platform will find alternative financing solutions.

International development

Expand your business abroad with an offer that sets you apart. Our teams will help you create the customer experience of tomorrow.


Leasa provides a flow of standardized and controlled files. Set up new data exchanges, accelerate sales processes and increase your revenue.